COF1 full face mask

$ 650.00 USD

This is the best Full Face Mask on the market that allows divers to user their own regulators and eliminating the heavy cost associated with standard FFMs, without sacrificing luxury. The COF1 Full Face Mask provides a simple method to adapt your own regulator to the mask by eliminating the bite down mouthpiece and tying your own reg in with the rest of the FFM. This allows for some of the best features of our other Full Face Mask : no jaw fatigue, no dry mouth, double seal for a better fit, five point head harness and clear communications.


  • This Full-Face Mask is tested to a maximum diving depth of 50m according to EN 250:2014**
  • Full-Face Mask is designed for water temperatures below 10°C and is suitable for cold-water diving applications. Ultimately, cold water performance is dictated by 2nd stage regulator being used.
  • This Full-Face Mask is tested for diving applications with breathing air according to EN12021.
  • This Full-Face Mask has been tested according to the European standard EN 250:2014**

Allows divers to user their own regulators

5 points head harness

Communication port and ABV port

COF1 全面罩+ABV水面呼吸阀

$ 650.00 USD



  • 可以适配大多数二级头及封闭循环
  • 体积小,柔软,方便携带
  • 柔软的EPDM裙边
  • 德尔格P通讯连接口,用于连接麦克
  • 面罩容易快速脱卸
  • 嘴鼻空间与眼部空间分离,让气体通过单项阀,防止二氧化碳在面罩堆积
  • 包含防雾涂层
  • CE认证