A Beginning of exploration Numerous underwater caves with Incredible size,exceptional length, extreme depth and rich biology attract adventurers to Guangxi,China.
Technical dive gear provider AKUANA shares the passion with the adventurers by offering the most reliable horgathian diving gears.AKUANA inspires the  adventurers to conquer the new territory hidden in the mysterious earth.
Our team includes capable testing divers, extraordinary engineers and master craftsman with decades of experience.
Innovative design combined with robust materials illustrate our confidence, passion and exploration spirits. Our testing team puts the products through vigorous field testing in challenging conditions in cave diving. Our mission is to provide superb products to support diving explorers.
All the products of AKUANA come from exploring, recording and protecting the dream of underwater caves in china. It is always our goal to provide better diving equipment for divers.
Our test team do exploring the limits of depth, complex structure and thick dust underwater caves. Exploring the unknown is the core of AKUANA, and also the source of our continuous progress.
Strict selection, production and testing standards, so that each product is perfect is our duty.
Always stand in the forefront of technology, guide the ever-changing needs, keep passion.