Falconet 2 Second stage

$ 125.00 USD

Falconet 2 is a light weight, durable and balanced second stage perfect for all level divers. It is equipped with both a venturi lever and a gas volume knob. Combined with its customized colors and futuristic design, it will be sure to attract the attention of other divers and photographers. The "easy maintenance" design makes this an ideal regulator. Technical divers can fix the problem on site even underwater without any tools. This is an


  • -Air balanced flow-through design
  • -Chrome plated inlet tube
  • -High comfort mouthpiece
  • -Air flow control knob and Venturi lever
  • -Easy to maintain without special tools
  • -Oxygen compatible


  • Colors:
  • Plastic parts: Black, pink, white, blue, purple, lake blue, yellow, oliver
  • Main body: Black, White
  • Metal: Polished silver, Gun metal
  • Intermediate Pressure : 145 PSI
  • Cracking Effort: 1.2-1.8 CIW (Column inches of Water)
  • WOB @ 50M: 0.7 J/L
  • Flow rate: 60 SCFM (air supply: 3000 PSI)
  • Weight: : 320g
  • Certified to use below 4 degree


  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Warranty:Limited life-time(Annual Service record requested)
  • Made in china
  • Certifications:CE CMA

Air flow control knob and Venturi lever

Chrome plated inlet tube

Multi-color choice

Falconet2 二级头 呼吸调节器

$ 125.00 USD


  • 平衡式设计
  • 具有气量旋钮和文丘里阀
  • 多重颜色定制
  • 中压输出值:145PSI
  • 供气阀门开启:1.2-1.8 CIW
  • 呼吸阻力:0.7 J/L @50M
  • 流量速度:60 SCFM(供气3000PSI时)
  • 重量:320克
  • 适合纯氧使用
  • 意大利制造