Falcon 3 First stage

$ 145.00 USD

Falcon3 is machined from brass with polished finishing or gun metal finishing which gives you the best corrosion resistance. This piston first stage was designed by diving experts in Italy and made in china at a more economic price. .There are 7 Pressure Ports, 2 HP and 5 LP ports on a swivel cap, for your personally preferred setting. Whether diving a sophisticated rebreather or a simple open water system, you can create a configuration with Falcon3 first stage. Enjoy the smoothest breathing regulator, whether you are on the exploration dives or blue water fun dives. The advantage of a piston-based first stage lies in its reliability and reduced maintenance requirements, due to an effective but simpler mechanism with less moving parts. More importantly, no other design can reach the high air delivery rate of a balanced piston controlled first stage.

• color: silver brushed or polished

• material: chrome plated brass body

• Air balanced flow-through piston design

• Rotating swivel turret helps streamline hose distribution

• Balanced piston design allows the use of lighter and more sensitive components

• Resulting in ultra fast breathing response

• Green Teflon coated piston spring

• 316 stainless steel piston

• Cold water: above 10 degree

• Low pressure ports: 5 on swivel turret

• High pressure ports: 2

• Weight:: 780g

• Ventilation rate(lpm): 62 (mean)

• Intermediate Pressure : 135-145 PSI

• Connection: DIN 300 bar

• Recommended for recreational and technical diving

• Oxygen compatible

• Limited lifetime warranty

• Made in China

• CE certified

Piston design

90 degree high pressure port

swivel turret

Falcon 3 一级头 (抛光版)

$ 145.00 USD


  • 颜色: 抛光银色
  • 材质: 镀铬黄铜
  • 平衡式,活塞式设计
  • 旋转塔台设计,利于管线分布
  • 平衡活塞式设计使得内部零件更轻更灵敏,获得更快的呼吸反应
  • 活塞弹簧使用特氟龙涂层
  • 活塞使用316不锈钢加工
  • 使用温度: 10℃以上
  • 低压口: 5个
  • 高压口: 2个
  • 重量: 780克
  • 通气量(1pm): 62(平均)
  • 中压范围: 135-145 PSI
  • 气瓶接口: DIN (300 Bar)
  • 推荐用于单瓶及双瓶潜水
  • 适合纯氧使用 
  • 产地:中国
  • CE认证
  • 有限终身质保