Falcon 2 First stage (Polished)

$ 205.00 USD

Are you looking for a regulator set that has longer service interval and with compact shape? Falcon 2 is the optimal choice for you: Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this reg set keeps you diving for life time. Falcon 2 is a diaphragm first stage with smooth Inhalation and exhalation. IT is also built extremely durable and compact. It is the choice for travelling divers and public safety divers. Falcon 2 ice first stage is completely sealed off from the elements due to its chrome-plated brass body and environmental seal. IT is designed for ice cold water.

• Balanced diaphragm design

• Chrome plated brass body

• Water will not go inside the first stage Longer service intervals (2 years)

• Perfect for cold water diving and polluted environment

• Light and small

• Low pressure ports: 4

• High pressure ports: 2

• Weight: 620g

• Ventilation rate (lpm):59.85(mean)

• Intermediate Pressure: 135-145 PSI

• Connection: DIN 300 bar

• Oxygen compatible

• Made in Italy

• Oxygen compatible

• Limited Lifetime warranty

Diaphragm design

300 bar DIN connection

Compact and light

Falcon 2 一级头 (抛光版)

$ 205.00 USD


  • 材质: 镀铬黄铜
  • 平衡式,隔膜式设计
  • 水不与一级头内部零件接触,更长保养时间间隔(两年)
  • 更加适用于寒冷水域和污水环境
  • 小巧而轻便
  • 低压口: 4个
  • 高压口: 2个
  • 重量: 620克
  • 通气量(1pm): 59.85(平均)
  • 中压范围: 135-145 PSI
  • 气瓶接口: DIN (300 Bar)
  • 适合纯氧使用
  • 原产国: 意大利
  • 有限终身质保


300bar DIN 接口