COT25 transmitter

$ 2,600.00 USD

The new units are more compact, come with a powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion battery giving 14 hours of battery life and extended range. The new units are fully compatible with existing OTS through water comms set to the same frequency. In addition the MilCom comes with a scrambler mode, so that several divers and communicate with each other securely.

  • Increased Power & Range
  • Included Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger
  • Greatly Improved Battery Life
  • New “Extra High” Volume Menu Option In Voice Menu • Scrambler Mode
  • Improved Cable Strain Reliefs
  • Replaceable Cable for Different Connectors
  • Belt Clip Durability Increased and User Replaceable
  • Additional User Replaceable Components
  • Can be converted into a portable Surface Station with optional CDK Kit

Water proof plug

Ultra sonic transmission


COT25 水下四声道通讯机

$ 2,600.00 USD


  • 适合公共安全,商业和军事潜水
  • 语音控制(Vox)和按钮控制传输(Ptt)
  • 语音菜单调整
  • 降噪功能
  • 扰频器模式,保护通讯安全
  • 四个频道
  • 25W功率,传输距离500-3000米
  • 需要另外搭配EPM耳机麦克系统
  • 可与CDK连接,转为水面台
  • 使用深度:100米
  • 电池时间:14小时(锂电池)