KM Mod 1 full face mask

$ 1,365.00 USD

KM Mod1 is a lightweight modular full face mask that allows for easy and rapid adaptation to various self contained underwater breathing apparatuses as well as surface supplied systems.

  • Unique 2-cavity design
  • The lower pod is also removable under water to allow making gas switches
  • All of the components have been strengthened to bring this mask to a commercial level of ruggedness
  • An improved buckle system, 5 leg straps
  • A mechanical equalizing device
  • A variety of options for mounting external components, (lights, cameras etc.).

Connect to rebreather and second stage

Nose Pinch

Jaw frame

KM Mod 1 全面罩+开放式口鼻罩

$ 1,365.00 USD


  • 五爪织带固定
  • 可连接开放循环或者密闭循环系统
  • 可外接相机或者电筒固定支架
  • 内置排水阀
  • 需使用EPM KM Mod1耳机及麦克系统